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30th-Oct-2020 12:18 pm - semi-FO
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6th-Oct-2020 10:00 am - prompts and pairings
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"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."

Looking for pairings and prompts please! Any Kpop, Jrock, Jpop fandom, I will try to accomodate. Any pairings as well. I mean any.  Make the prompts as surreal, as crazy, as NC-17 as you like and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please and thank you!

10th-Aug-2010 05:09 pm - Inception part 1 // Kyu/? // R
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Title: Inception - part 1
Rating: R
Pairing: Kyu/?
Summary: For sin_delight who gave the prompt. Apologies about the Kangin comment. ilhim♥ Also hello kpop fandom! Its been a long time. x-posted to miracle______ & super_junior

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11th-Jul-2009 09:48 am - Website!!
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Go look at it (picture is a link)? And offer criticisms/compliments here? ^^ please and thank you

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shuu ;o;

Okay hi 8D

So uhh... went to the Girugamesh Crazy Tour 09 yesterday in London at the 02 Academy. God that place is awesome, it was really small and there werent that many people there so we were really close to them. Like, so close you could see the sweat coming off of Sato's face when he threw his head forward, so close you could see the muscles in Shuu's arms when he played *O*. ♥

We left at about 4pm to get there, me, Miki, Callum and Kye. It wasnt a very long journey really... uhh... the tube broke down on us so we had to get off like, two stops before where we wanted to go then go back to the last station, get another tube, then get to the Angel station. Then we got lost trying to find it cos iPod Google sat nav fails and we had to guess. Got there eventually but we went around the back way, there was a huge queue and everything and we were like "yey found it". I noticed a couple of Japanese men outside smoking and was like omgshuu *O* then we walked past AND IT WAS SHUUand a random techie. AND I AM KICKING MYSELF BECAUSE I DIDNT STOP TO SAY HI LOOK I DREW YOU A PICTURE. But fuck, he's even more attractive in daylight, in real life. He's short XD though not as short as I thought he would be, probably a foot smaller than me (so 5'8"), and he looked real tired too ;o; He was wearing umm.... a black tshirt with pink writing on, and was staring at my trousers (they were bright red, that kind of red which is an obnoxious, in-your-face, ridiculously bright color, almost like the stupid amount of font styles and colors in this report ;D)

So yeah, we queued up, I was spazzing about seeing Shuu and not talking to him or anything (sorry ttlittlep i couldnt do it, i was too shy D:) There were loads of people all like, with spiky Jrock hair and all black and stuff. There were a couple people wearing lolita outfits and an even fewer amount of people wearing ridiculously bright clothing like me (RED TROUSERS FTW). Callum and Kye kept trying to find a fat guy to say GIRUUGAMESH (if you havent seen the Sakura Con 09 ad, watch it with the handy URL i just gave you). We got in, Im sitll dying over seeing Shuu, umm it was real busy, loads of Asian looking people were there and I really wish I had a better camera now cos everyone looked incredible. They were selling a small amount of merchandise there: all their albums, the Crazy Tour 09 DVD, and four or five different styles of tshirts. I bought the one with Giru cartoons on the front (Sato's cartoon looks nothing like him but Shuu's head is on my boob ♥)

We got inside, got some drinks and stuff, they had Linkin Park playing when we got in which was a bonus. We had to wait for about... 3/4 hour for it to start? But in that time we met this first year girl from Liecester Uni called Amy and all her friends and ended up hanging out with them for a little bit afterwards at the station. They were awesome so we got to know each other for a bit then, the music gradually got louder and everyone got bored and started singing to that instead XD. We managed to get a pretty good spot to stand actually. I had deliberately placed myself on the side where I knew Shuu would be and ended up with a perfect view of RyoSato and Shuu (not Nii but he came over to our side of the stage a lot XD and, to be fair, I was happy with Shuu ♥).

Lights went off, people screamed and.... a couple of sound checks guys came out XD, the fat English guy and the Jap dude who is usually in the photos Giru post on their blog. Then they went off and finally, finally Giru came out. Ryo was all :D and bouncy, Shuu was sdjgkdjs, Nii was 8Dv! and Sato was.. I can't describe it. Sex. He had curly hair for the first 10 minutes before the sweat made it droop, so Tari would've been happy. ♥ He doesnt look very Asian at all, I think that a lot actually, but in person, its really only his eyes which make him look Asian, apart from that he has a really muscular European body and package ;D yes it was visible. I don't even remember what song they played first. Oh wait, I think it was Breakdown and then after that... I don;t remember but they basically played a load of songs from MUSIC then uuh.. a couple songs from their other 2 albums, Shining was their encore song. I love that feeling where the beat of the drum is so strong that it feels like your heart is beating in time with it and can't hear anything else and makes you kinda dizzy but its oh-so-good, its unbelievable. Everyone was jumping, it was hot, it was sweaty. There were a couple of mosh pits which was amusing, people just throwing themselves at each other and screaming. We were close enough to see the sweat running down Shuu's neck which basically just had me standing and staring for the first 20 minutes. evolution was a good song actually, I remember that and Ishtar was fucking. god. I dunno. He sounded like he was being molested by Shuu Satoshi has an incredible voice live. And so does Shuu, omg!! And he looks like sex when he sings too ♥

The boys were cute. Ryo looked like he was on drugs all night, kept standing up and grinning all :DDD, he was so smiley it was hilarious. Him and Shuu kept singing at each other. Shuu and Nii kept running back and forth across the stage, it was like "okay three two one RAWRRRR" and then ran across the stage XD, so funny omg. Nii was fucking hilarious, kept trying to omnomnom Sato's face when he was singing. He'd be all SATOSHI YEAH YOU SATO O____O and stare at him and Satoshi was like XD;;;. Shuu was all *leans against Sato* hey baby. ♥ Shuu had a Great Britain sticker on his bass and fuck, he really does play his bass like he's fucking someone. Its like, erotic or something to watch. He came around the huge poles on the stage one time to stand right on the edge of one of the box thingies on stage and sjkdsjk he was so close and he is jskdgjk adorable when he smiles, even when he's dressed up all hardcore-like. I died. AND THEN, OH GOD I ALMOST FORGOT THIS, HE THREW HIS BOTTLE IN THE CROWD, RIGHT AT ME AND MY FRIENDS, AND I CAUGHT IT DJGHKSDGJDSGDSGJHK. I love him :| He spoke in English at one point as well when they were having a break. He was like "Hi UK, how are you?" (His Engrish is fucking cute) "Im fine :Dv. We are bery happy to be here" (jsgkdk his attempts at saying 'very' were just... more than adorable ♥) "And we are bery bery bery bery bery excited!!Satoshi tried to speak English, though all he said was "Sank yuu bery muuuch!!" and "lastoo songu!" all screaming and stuff. His fail was so cute >:

They finished after about... an hour and a half? Went off, everyone spent about 20mins screaming for an encore then they came back out and Shuu was wearing an England football shirt XD and Nii had a GB flag around him like a cape. They played Shining as a very last song then finished that and held up the GB flag from Nii's back, they'd drawn pictures all over it and signed it and stuff and... they were holding it upside down XD but never mind, it was the thought that counted. And... then that was it.

We headed out to the back entrance where we'd seen them before to wait for them but it seemed a lot of other people had thought of that and were there too. We didnt see them. We were waiting there for about an hour then decided to go because it was cold and we were gonna miss our train. ;o; But during the time waiting we did meet these two awesome people and had a hilarious conversation with them about anime, Kingdom Hearts and OMG SUPER JUNIOR! We spazzed about them and started playing Kpop... at a.. Jrock.. event >.> So we didnt see Girugamesh after that but Im glad because I saw Shuu once and even if I didnt go hug him and say hi, at least I saw him and was within less than 5 paces so Im happy. Unbelievably happy. Never taking this Giru t-shirt off :| and I don't fucking care if it's only a bottle, if it reminds me of Shuu and the concert and everything so its precious. So there. :|

Overall, it was a brilliant evening, we met a lot of fucking awesome people aaand had great music and a great band and a great venue. The end until the next Girugamesh gig here I guess!

Oh, and I didnt get many photos and I lost the SD card for my phone so I can't upload them right now, my friend got some good photos so I'll get them off her when she wakes up *prods her*.  Photo's from my friend!

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Title: Banana Pancakes
Pairing: Satoshi/Shuu
Rating: PG for swearing and bums
AN: Yes, this was inspired by Jack Johnson's - Banana Pancakes song. Decided to write my own fic cos Sato/Shuu and Giru need more fanfic loving. Also, my first Jrock fanfic, I believe.

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20th-Feb-2009 11:44 am - dancing in the moonlight
<3 (^ *^)

And new profile layout and F.O. banner too. All by okimiyage (shameless pimp) who do really awesome layouts, mood themes, f.o. banners, icons. Its good, go check it out.

Oh, and should I change my mood theme? I found an awesome Finding Nemo one here.

Umm... I fail at updating. So uh.. please give me some prompts to start writing again. I wanna start writing again >: I like writing. I just fail at ideas.

17th-Feb-2009 08:39 pm - MEME
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LOL STOLEN FROM aikodeshou .

MEME'S ARE FUNCollapse )

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another charcol drawing, for Jade, and I might as well send it to Satoshi as well.

fairly large imageCollapse )

20th-Dec-2008 01:08 pm - Start of holidays
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Yay, christmas holidays start today. No school for two weeks, which isnt entirely true as I have a shit load of work to catch up on and finish, and computing exams to revise for and computing coursework to do. Yay. -.-

I was gonna post some interesting blog-ish stuff but I can't really think of anything to type.

Ive been playing this online game called Howrse and its so awesome omg. Jade thinks Im a kid xD;;;;;;

And that just reminded me, I really wanna get my hair cut and layered and stuff so I can have a Jrock-ish hairstyle. Nothing extreme and definately nothing like anyone from The Gazette - the most over-rated VK band ever cos my hair is super-duper thick and curly and frizzy and I dont think Ive ever seen a black person with Jrock hair before so it might look bad. Helen says I should dye it dark blue. Maybe for uni, my mum would never approve of me having blue hair living down here. -.-""

Oh, I didnt go to Kat's party last night. Didnt particularly want to see Leanne draped all over James when she knows I still like him and she has a boyfriend. But its okay, everyone still has to feel sorry for her and let her get away with everything because of her "living situations" and how she's living in a council flat by herself and spending most of christmas alone which is her own fault because shes been invited to loads of peoples houses yet she makes silly excuses like I dont like what theyre having to eat, or theyre having goose, yuck, or I dont really like his sister. So really its her own fault but she doesnt want to admit it because then people would stop feeling sorry for her.


I am going to a party tonight though, work's Christmas meal. Kyle wants to get me drunk -.- Heh, good luck with that one, mate. Should be interesting though, Im only really good friends with about half the people who work there because the other half I dont really see cos I only work part time, two days a week.


Joo, I love your fics even if I don't always comment. <3

Zaku, have a good time on your jetplane <3

My feet are really really cold ; ;
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